Returning Love

Returning the love between a man and a woman and specifically between spouses is either considered a Mitzvah or a spell when permission is not given. To clarify, Doron does not perform spells. In any kabbalistic ritual Doron performs for returning love, there will be a thorough examination of the permissions from the asker and from the messages examined by Doron regarding the purity of the love returned.
During the many years in which Doron has been counseling and giving spiritual treatments through the Kabbalah, he has been asked about the subject of returning love at least several times a week. The gift Doron received is kabbalistic knowledge that is considered a divine treasure, a way known only to a select few to return a love.
Doron defines his ability and knowledge regarding the return of love (so long as permission is given to perform the ritual) as a divine treasure, and people from all over Israel and outside of it have been arriving at his door asking for love returned or a happy relationship and more.
The kabbalistic ritual uses ancient materials and knowledge that must be taken seriously and not used without permission for returning love. During the diagnostic meeting which takes no longer than forty minutes, Doron shall first examine the permission for the request of returning love. Has some spell taken place to divert the asker from an intended relationship? Does the name of the person asking for love returned have a shared destiny with the name of the one whose love he wishes returned? And a number of other checks performed through spiritual channeling.
When a soul is destined to be connected to another soul (a man to a woman), and then suddenly for no reason one of those souls takes a different course, in contrast to what we know, and even leaves our life, a check must be made whether, g-d forbid, a spell has been performed. In this case there is complete permission to return the love.
Returning love is considered one of the most powerful mystical acts in Judaism and in general. Returning love may well fix things that may affect many people from a person's past, as well as present and future. For this reason, it is very important to check the permissions and understand the consequences of the ritualistic act of returning love. It is also important to understand that returning love is performed without the awareness of one of the parties, so one must pay special attention to the permissions and the essence of the request. Is there an impure interest? Can returning the love cause some kind of damage to the person who is not aware of the act? If the answer to any one of these questions is yes, permission is not given to returning the love, and the act is wrong and forbidden. At the meeting with Doron, one can better understand whether we are headed in the right direction of returning the love, or alternatively, one can receive an enlightenment (Great lights of wisdom shall enlighten thy inner channels – אב"ג ית"ץ). In each individual case, Doron shall do all he is permitted to do to return the love.
Doron tells us: "I run across requests of returning love every day. Most of these requests are met with permissions and to my great joy; I am rarely met with a refusal to a request of returning love. But a situation is possible when permission is not given to return the love, and then I give the other options for peace and a happy relationship".
When Doron receives the permissions to perform the requested kabbalistic ritual, he first explains the results that may stem from the ritual. An act of returning love may profound changes in things around us, and this is why the content of the requests must be examined thoroughly, and nothing can be done only with momentary compulsions of the soul.
To all those who yearn for love and strengthening the bonds between people, for happiness and joy, one meeting with Doron can bring the changes you desire.
"Taste and see that g-d is good"
Doron Armoza, Kabbalah expert