Many people become dependent on mysticism and do not make a single step without consulting it about what they intend to do. Many of them come to Doron Armoza, seeking aid from his absolute knowledge of mysticism. Doron is well versed in the kabbalistic code and can provide an answer for any issue in life. The subjects of which Doron received educational control (lights of wisdom) are the connections in mysticism to the needs of bettering one's soul, body and path.
The increasing interest in the occult in general and specifically Jewish mysticism, the secrets of practical Kabbalah (the code) causes countless mistakes on behalf of those curious people who experiment at the expense of others, and practicing mysticism with only partial knowledge and causing unimaginable damage instead of improvement.
If you encounter a factor that disrupts your life and you cannot think of a reasonable explanation, Doron can give you the solution for your mystery and suggest the way to remove the obstacle from your path using mystical treatments that stem from practical Kabbalah.
The use of mysticism Doron deals with is the code of the Kabbalah, which allows him, with deep knowledge and kabbalistic rituals, to open gates for many people who wish for basic things in life that were often taken from them by others who sought mysticism for spells and revenge. When Doron diagnoses a condition like that, an action is performed immediately to release the mystical block, so that the person's path returns to its destined direction. Mystical actions that bind another's will without his/her knowledge are strictly forbidden and the punishment for such acts is severe.
A mystical action that releases an unknowing person from someone else's coercion, and returning him to his life's due course, is a great mitzvah. For example, returning love to a person who was cursed with the evil eye, or a person whose life's course was delayed in all areas by means of a curse.
Doron Armoza has received the complete knowledge of mystic wisdom (the kabbalistic code). Using this kabbalistic mysticism one can receive an answer to any question and solve any mystery in one's path. Kabbalistic mysticism may change for the better out daily difficulties with just a small number of rituals. From physical problems to hidden secrets like releasing or creating spells.
It should be noted that Doron does not practice mysticism to cause harm to anyone, because justice should be left in g-d's hands. Doron uses the deep knowledge given to him from above to create strong connections between people and improve people's good fortune, both materialistically and with other people.
Using kabbalistic mysticism, Doron examines the questions and requests of those seeking his counsel on any matter in life: relationships, returning love, the evil eye, spells and curses and more…
Mysticism is the deepest of secrets. The control attainable through knowledge in kabbalistic mysticism (the code) is absolute. It is control over matter and body, when the rituals are performed with a pure heart and with complete denial to requests of revenge and other requests to hurt others. This is why a thorough check must be performed before practicing Jewish mysticism.
The kabbalistic code of Jewish mysticism allows the one who possesses the knowledge to perform numerous actions and transfer the information hidden between the letters of the kabbalistic code (formulas and spells).
The knowledge of kabbalistic mysticism given to Doron is a treasure, and Doron does not teach it to anyone. He preserves it for his sons, just as he received it from his father of blessed memory and his father had received it from his father of blessed memory before him.
Any area in life in which you feel restricted somehow, Doron has the mystical knowledge and practical Kabbalah abilities to help any believer.
Wait no more, for the time of will has come…