Practical Kabbalah

1818da Fortunes of wisdom and knowledge of letter combinations and formulaic codes, understandable only by those versed in the Kabbalah, open the world of the Zohar to the eyes of the wise. Through the code, known only to a select few, one can approach any field and matter in a person's life, such as predicting the future (for the group or individual). However one of the things that must be examined before giving information of taking an action through the Kabbalah is the issue of permissions. Using the vast treasures of knowledge I possess as a gift from above, there is no limit to deeds and connections or disconnections one can perform by way of the practical Kabbalah.
Any question on the subject of relationships and requests for the return of love or matching couples, improving luck, binding adulterers, removing curses and spells and creating all sorts of protection, all must undergo an examination of permissions first. Is the interest behind the request pure? The power of practical Kabbalah depends on the purity of the soul of the asker as well as the one performing the treatment (which is why in some situations the asker shall have to mend his ways before the permissions are examined) the success of the treatment is based on "the time of will" and the strength on absolute faith and knowledge of spells and reversals.
Practical Kabbalah is at its core, Jewish mysticism. Those who are versed in it find the answers and the ways of deeds in the world of the occult through the code of formulas and spells.
Some say the secret wisdom must not be given to the multitudes for various reasons. Simply put, more than a few people who have been or still are dealing with spells for impure purposes and based on incomplete knowledge were caused mental confusion to themselves and others as well as spiritual damage. This is why one must be extremely careful when using practical Kabbalah.
Examining permissions: every request to intervene in a person's life requires an examination of permission. First, the permission written in the person's destiny is examined, and approval to perform the request is received. A second permission examination is in the purity of the request. A last but not least check is for immediate factors that might be hurt (g-d forbid) due to the performance of the request. After examining the permissions there is one more thing that requires looking into, and that is the consequences of the correction we perform using the practical Kabbalah.
Connecting souls, magnetizing loves, returning love between people, binding adulterer's, eternal partnerships, matching couples, increasing one's luck, purification and protection from harm (black magic, curses and the evil eye); all these and more in the way of man can be resolved by practical Kabbalah, and that is but the tip of the iceberg.
It is important to note once again that the person performing the spells and/or rituals must examine the permissions before addressing the problem. Lack of absolute control of practical Kabbalah or lack of knowledge of the use of reversals and spells, as well as the materials used for them may cause damage. For this reason, it is very important to be well versed in the matter, and not to practice Kabbalah after only a tip or two gathered from a book. The world of the Zohar is a treasure that must not be used without profound learning and guidance. The other side of the skies holds a world of pits that can suck in the curious ones who did not protect themselves by learning.
Kabbalistic rituals that open gates (subject to "the time of will") for blessings and success in relationships, joy in life, matrimonial reconciliation, removal of curses and spells, removing the evil eye and more, are nothing more than oddities to those who lack the faith or knowledge in the occult wisdom and Jewish mysticism found only in practical Kabbalah, which creates an aura of mystery around the matter.
To summarize, nothing in the universe is impossible for a Kabbalah expert with a pure soul.