Doron Armoza

1818da The famous Kabbalah expert and spiritual consultant known as "hands of light".
Born in 1956, married with children.
Diagnoses, counsels and treats with Kabbalah and spiritual channeling.
Doron is a third generation medium and has had his first revelation at the age of ten.
During his life, Doron has worn a number of 'hats' and he credits G-d with the significant change in his ways, as well as the angel Gabriel who had guided him to the Rabbi of Lubavich of blessed memory in the year 1986.
Doron gained the ability to treat conditions of blockages and hindrances, for reasons known and unknown (those related to the occult in Jewish mysticism and to mysticism in general).
Doron's field of knowledge and his treatments are the result of a divine gift (Doron is not a doctor, nor is he a psychologist) and most of his work consists of opening gates for the creation of intimacy and healthy relationships through the code of the Kabbalah:
  • Love connections
  • Matching
  • Returning a love (only if permitted by the Kabbalah)
  • Matrimonial reconciliation and joy
  • Fertility problems
  • Removal of curses and spells, complete unraveling of evil eye and anxieties (evil spirits)
  • Conveying messages through spiritual channeling
  • Jewish mystical solutions for any matter in life
  • Purification and increasing one's luck in matters of both spirit and matter (real-estate, businesses) using Kabbalistic rituals.
Doron hosts and leads workshops, lectures and courses for both individuals and businesses.
Doron has been providing spiritual advice on the expert line of 103FM radio since the beginning of 2005. He also used to have a show on Kol Israel radio called "The Secrets of a Good Life".
Doron has been the author of a column by the same name, published in local newspapers in central cities, for six years now.
Doron has agreed to media exposure, and has been a guest on television shows with Sigal Shachmon, Judy Nir Moses, Galit Elbaum, and on Mystic Time on channel 10.
Doron got the name "hands of light" from his clients, who had experienced almost immediate changes in their lives and defined them as a miracle from above.
Doron is very well versed in practical and theoretical Kabbalah, and he accepts both orthodox religious and secular clients for spiritual treatments and solutions.
Doron is known to zealously uphold his clients' privacy, and his clients include celebrities, members of the Knesset, media officials and people from all demographic sectors.

“Taste and see that G-d is good"