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A kabbalistic code intended to protect its user from those who wish to harm him/her, cancels out the evil eye and keeps us protected from those who wish to harm us. The user of this code received complete protection from the energies of the evil eye and drives away the damage these harsh energies can cause.
When ordering the code, please specify the name of the person for whom the code is written, the name of the mother and her date of birth.
People who wish us harm are everywhere. The will that accompanies these people sends out energy that desires to take away that which we hold dear. This can start from envy of our families (a husband and children) and goes on into many other fields in life, including financial and physical damage.
The combination of the kabbalistic materials and the special oils with the ancient knowledge of setting things in motion with the personal code creates a tremendous mystical force unlike any other in the power of its summoning. The use of these mystical combinations is the spiritual key which will, with g-d's help, open the higher gates for you
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