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This code is used to drive away any sort of evil energy usually caused by jealousy or in extreme cases by a supernatural entity entering the place. The use of the code purifies the space completely and provides absolute protection from the harmful energies.
When ordering the code, please specify the name of the person for whom the code is written, the name of the mother and her date of birth.
The indications that a place needs to be purified are: the business begins to lose money, customers stop arriving, things at home begin to go wrong, the atmosphere between the residents goes sour, and objects in the house break down. All these are signs that the space needs to be energetically purified.
The combination of the kabbalistic materials and the special oils with the ancient knowledge of setting things in motion with the personal code creates a tremendous mystical force unlike any other in the power of its summoning. The use of these mystical combinations is the spiritual key which will, with g-d's help, open the higher gates for you
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