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The kabbalistic code for releasing spells is intended for absolute and immediate release from magical energies. The protection creates a shield wall that does not allow the spell to return. The user of this code receives a complete and immediate release from any spells affecting him/her.
When ordering the code, please specify the name of the person for whom the code is written, the name of the mother and her date of birth.
When a person's entire way of life becomes twisted, and the material and mental damages begin to take their toll and drive our loved ones away from us, it is a clear indication that somebody has magically sabotages out life (by means of a spell or a curse).
The combination of the kabbalistic materials and the special oils with the ancient knowledge of setting things in motion with the personal code creates a tremendous mystical force unlike any other in the power of its summoning. The use of these mystical combinations is the spiritual key which will, with g-d's help, open the higher gates for you.
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