Diagnostics and Counseling

Start believing in the unbelievable
Diagnosing the root of the problem is a process that cannot be skipped. A basic formula in the Kabbalah claims that all physical things have a spiritual/mental reason, so it is important to locate the root of the problem that brought it about.
Doron counsels in all areas of life for private individuals as well as businesses, using the Kabbalistic code and Jewish mysticism. His main area of expertise is practical Kabbalah, which he uses after a permission check for opening gates for the applicant in areas of relationships, matching couples, connecting loves, increasing one's luck in spirit and in matter, returning love, removing evil eye curses and spells and more…
Most of the counseling and diagnostics are performed using spiritual channeling and the Kabbalistic code. At a meeting with Doron, you will be asked to give your name, your mother's name and your Hebrew date of birth. You will also be asked to define to purpose of your visit. Doron will perform the diagnostic by channeling the permissions to adhere to your request, he will explain and guide you to the solutions to your problems and give you his advice on what to do next.
The counsel is not based on the participants' character traits, their astrological signs or letters and numbers, but on channeling spiritual information and a vast fortune of knowledge that Doron possesses as a divine gift. The advised solutions and actions of the code are the most powerful in the universe, and they come from absolute knowledge of the occult in practical Kabbalah.
It is important to note that Doron does not practice black magic. Any solution advised by him through practical Kabbalah shall be examined by the permissions in detail, for whether this is right for the person in question or not. When permission is not given to answer the request, Doron shall offer an alternative path that would make the applicant ascend to blessed changes and prosperity.
Good Luck!
Doron Armoza,
practical Kabbalah expert
“Taste and see that G-d is good"