All spiritual treatments given by Doron are based on a preliminary diagnosis through the Kabbalah, the Kabbalistic code and spiritual channeling.
The Code – Start believing in the unbelievable
Relationships– Doron deals with summoning relationships through the Kabbalah (opening gates). For existing relationships Doron shall perform a Kabbalistic ritual to strengthen and increase the love, while for non-existing relationships, Doron shall perform (if permitted) a ritual that may change your lives.
Couples' matching– beyond the basic data checks on letters and numbers that give us character traits (and for this you do not need Doron), Doron, as a Kabbalah expert, is interested in the final result. If there is no existing relationship, Doron shall summon a match for the soul in question using a Kabbalistic ritual, subjected to permissions.
Connecting Love – For every person in the universe there is a soul-mate wishing to meet his/her destined soul. Doron knows the deepest secrets of creating such a connection using Kabbalistic rituals, subjected to permission.
Returning Love – when a couple breaks up and Doron diagnoses that the two are separated by a mystical power, Doron intervenes to return the love by releasing the partners from the power's influence, and he sees this as a great Mitzvah.
Improving the relationship and the love between partners– countless couples in long lasting relationships find that emotions erode and the excitement and love fade. Doron examines the permissions for continuing the relationship and performs a Kabbalistic ritual accordingly.
Matrimonial reconciliation and Joy– "Evil Spirits" that find a way to come between partners and disrupt the peace of their shared life are a perpetual challenge for Doron. In one counseling session Doron shall diagnose the root of the problem and suggest the spiritual treatment based on his Kabbalistic knowledge, depending on the problem (Kabbalistic materials or a ritual) to remove the negative energy.
Fertility Problems– A miracle from g-d. That is the only way to explain how after Kabbalistic rituals, a woman who had not been able to get pregnant before returned with news of pregnancy. May women who have trouble conceiving approach Doron, and a single Kabbalistic ritual solved their problem, like a miracle.
Removal of curses, spells and the evil eye – Doron is an expert in practical Kabbalah and is familiar with all the reversals that need to be made when a spell or evil eye are present. After a Kabbalistic ritual performed after diagnosing the energy, the release is immediate. Furthermore, those who undergo the ritual are completely protected from magic re-entering into their lives.
Removal of anxieties (evil spirits)– countless people who have experienced spiritual/mental traumas have found peace of mind after a single visit with Doron. Doron finds the root of the problem and removes the harmful influence with one short ritual.
Treatment using the Shofar– Doron uses the Shofar for certain treatments and for all Kabbalistic rituals.
Recovery after a stroke– Doron received a divine gift that allows him to channel healing energies into people (if permission is received) after diagnosis and preliminary treatment. A positive reaction in the afflicted body movements is seen immediately.
Doron Armoza does not use charms for the treatments; only practical Kabbalah and occult wisdom. An unquestioning faith in the kabbalistic process is vital to the success of the treatments. In addition, Kabbalah results are based on "the time of will".
Clarification: the treatments administered by Doron are spiritual and in no way attempt to replace conventional medicine.
“Taste and see that G-d is good"