Terms of use

An agreement between Doron Armoza and the client, customer and/or user.
Know that Doron Armoza sells kabbalistic materials, kabbalistic code writings and counseling on mysticism. The materials and/or the codes are intended for believers only! The field of mysticism has never been scientifically proven and the use of said materials and services has never been scientifically or otherwise proven. The counsel that Doron Armoza provides is based on personal knowledge only and it must not be taken as absolute or certain. The will and complete faith of the user increase the chances of attaining the desired result. The client is responsible for the results of the treatment and Doron Armoza is not responsible for said results or the use of the codes and kabbalistic materials. There is a chance that the treatment will fail.
For the avoidance of doubt, orders of kabbalistic codes and/or abilities made in writing with the client's name cannot be canceled, and refunds will not be given. In any case, the proper use an application of said products is exclusively the client's responsibility.
This website does not disqualify any sort of conventional medical treatments.
This website contains recommendations for the use of mystical materials such as: various concoctions, code writings, liquids, oils and more.
Keep away from children. The materials should be stored out of the reach of children.
Doron Armoza or someone on his behalf shall take care of the delivery of the products to the address typed into the order form.
Delivery of the products via registered mail: as soon as the payment is received, the products will be sent via registered mail no later than seven business days, subjected to full payment for the product/s.
Doron Armoza and/or someone on his behalf shall not be responsible for delays in the delivery of the products in the following cases:
  1. Force majeure
  2. A strike of the suppliers of the services or merchandise required to produce and/or deliver the products.
  3. Any other reason that is not in the control of Doron Armoza or someone on his behalf.
The customer shall be charged with a product delivery fee for delivery to any address within Israel or outside of it.
  1. Delivery fees for registered mail within Israel is 25 NIS
    Delivery fees for registered mail outside of Israel is 100 NIS
In order to order products from this website, a customer must be 18 years old or older, have an email address, a mailing address and a valid credit card.
The order shall only be valid after approval is received from the credit card company.
All images are for illustration purposes only. There may be variations between the images and the actual products, among other things because they are presented on a computer screen.
The owner of this website and its operators are keeping their right to change these terms and conditions from time to time, however, any changes shall only apply to products and services ordered after the changes were made.
The products offered on this website are not intended for commercial use and are for personal use only.
Clarification: Doron Armoza offers products, abilities and kabbalistic materials only for those who believe and understand.
For questions or clarifications please call: 052-3864555
The owner of this website shall bear no responsibility for any damage caused directly or indirectly and any other damage caused due to the use of this website or the content presented herein, directly or indirectly.