Charms and Kabbalah materials


By: Doron Armoza, Kabbalah expert, medium and spiritual consultant.


The kabbalistic code is a powerful instrument comprised of writing and concocting materials in accordance with Doron Armoza's personal knowledge, from the wisdom of the power of movement in practical Kabbalah


 The kabbalistic materials and the use of the secrets of Kabbalah for any matter in life, from fertility, summoning a relationship, increasing one's luck to matrimonial reconciliation and more, are in fact a power to move the yearnings of the soul forward. The kabbalistic materials mixed with powerful oils joined by writings and treasures of ancient knowledge that I have, set things in motion in hidden worlds which may open higher gates to us. The power to set things in motion by using kabbalistic materials from animals and plants uses the basic element of faith.


An action comprised of three layers is required in order to turn thoughts into actions and reach, with the help of g-d, the wishes of your heart: unquestioning faith in the divinity, prayer and knowledge of reversals, and knowledge of practical Kabbalah. The deed: the act itself sets the power of the request in motion using the knowledge of practical Kabbalah. And last but not least – and in fact, the first of the first, the base of all things – g-d. Only he has the power to permit or deny, and who are we to force his hand.


It must be taken into account that by performing the act of prayer, use of writings and materials we must humbly accept the insight that g-d is the deciding factor, and only he can grant or deny the wish. Our deed is conditioned by faith, strengthened by materials from animals and plants, and the knowledge given to us; this, to create the energy by activating letter combination (codes) that increase our ability to attain the gate of success we desire. The kabbalistic code (written on the name of the asker) is the key to increase our ability as humans to reach the desired gate of success. The code is written on the client's name for requests that do not require permission checks, when behind every code there is a privilege and a great Mitzvah. There is only one code that cannot be constructed without checking the permissions, and that is the code for returning love. The code is hidden in a special material with potent kabbalistic powers (much as a baby is hidden in its' mother's womb), and the rest of the way to set things in motion in order to achieve the requested wish is performed by the one who requests that the gate be opened. And once again, do not forget that the final authority lies in the hands of the Lord, and it is his and his alone.


When a man of faith decides to use the code, he must discard the possibility of failure.


To summarize, the use of kabbalistic materials and products significantly increases our ability to reach the desired gate, but whether we cross that gate or not is in the hands of the creator, and any who make such promises in the creator' name are mistaken, and misleading