Returning love through the Kabbalah

Faith is the key to the success of the process of returning love through the Kabbalah. Is it permissible to perform the returning of love? Is it magic? These are very frequently asked questions. Sometimes these questions are tinged with fear and hesitation that stem from lack of knowledge on the subject.
Anyone who as ever experienced love, and then its sudden disappearance, is familiar with the pain and helplessness, the sorrow and depression from the very thought of being alone. I have been practicing in this field for many years, and my expertise in finding, gathering and identifying the permissions for returning love and magnetizing energies in order to bring about love and partnership between them through the Kabbalah have lead many to the gates of happiness, even after the agreements were signed and a date has been set for divorce, the miracle arrives and returns the souls to the joy of partnership and true love. Men and women come to my doorstep, whose love for each other got severed, and all of a sudden their partner fell in love with another soul.
In any request for help through the practical Kabbalah, one must be equipped with unquestioning faith in the process they are about to undergo, which varies from person to person. One must know that the procedures of returning love begin with the gathering and receiving of permissions through the "personal files" of both parties, and if permission is not given to perform the act of returning the love, and the act is performed anyway, then the act is considered black magic, and one would be entering a world that he cannot leave without punishment.
Nurit S. tells of her experience: "I was blessed with three daughters and we were a happy family. Suddenly, my husband, who had up until then loved me and our children fiercely, underwent an extreme change and left the house. Our oldest daughter, who had visited Doron Armoza before for a fertility blessing and had since received the desired pregnancy, told me that I should turn to Doron and ask if there is a chance that my husband will return. I came to Doron with my daughter, received his advice and mystical kabbalistic directions, and took a vow that I will not make it harder for my husband with questions when he returns home. Six weeks later my husband came back home with tremendous love for me. This had awakened many feelings in me, and I had since repented and became religious together with my husband."