What is the returning of love?

By: Doron Armoza, Kabbalah expert, medium and spiritual consultant

In the distant past, the subject of love was taboo. A man and a woman would not get married because of burning love and passion, but in an arranged marriage to which they were both committed and lovers would meet in secret. But today we live in an age when emotions are granted freedom, and often, we fall in love with someone and lose that love, and then we feel as if our world is crashing down around us.
A woman who loves a man, who then disappears from her life against her will, feels like she is missing her other half, and is in terrible emotional pain. A man and woman whose passion was severed by animosity for no apparent reason lose the real taste of life. All these are examples of cases when a returning of love is required.
Our need as humans to be loved and to find someone to love is a basic human need, and more than a few people wish to achieve this need using various mystical means. Some turn to a mystic who offers to return love through practical Kabbalah, and some turn to astrology or numerology. Others turn to mystics who offer to return the love using potions or charms and so on and so forth.
Different types of retuning love:
  1. Returning a lost love - returning a lost love is an attempt to bring back someone we love who does not feel the same way. This sort of request is complicated and difficult to fulfill because we need to stop the train of life and bring it back to its tracks.
  2. Returning love to someone who loves us – if over the years love has eroded and we wish to rekindle the feeling, there are numerous ways to make that person feel our love for him/her.
So if you are looking to bring back love that disappeared, or wish to love someone who loves you, do not despair. There are many means to achieve this goal, some practical things, while others require working on yourself and changing your habits and beliefs to return the love that is missing from your lives.
“Taste and see that G-d is good"