The power of magic

 By: Doron Armoza, Kabbalah expert, medium and spiritual consultant

The rooting of magic into a man's soul causes extreme changes of behavior. Few are familiar with "the reversed Torah" (black magic) and most of the few who are, are no longer among us. Those who remain are in constant conflict with "the protectors". The following short story that happened years ago gives an example of the power of magic:
SA, a well known public figure, came to me in a bad mental state with tears in her eyes. She told me how her life is crushing down around her and how helpless she feels. Her beloved husband, to whom she had been married for twenty seven years, surprisingly left her and moved in with a woman fifteen years older than him. SA said there was no argument and they had been a happy couple prior to the event. The husband's friends and family tried to reason with him, and he explained that he did not understand what was happening to him. He loved his wife and children, but a "power" he could not understand was preventing him from staying with them. SA did not forget to mention the fact that her husband held a senior position in a large company, and had many subordinates.
Through information received by spiritual channeling, I got an answer as well as a permission to act on it. A bending of will performed by the older woman, who had been toying with dark forces for her personal benefit has succeeded in causing a distortion of nature, and had to be neutralized immediately. I guided SA on a number of things she must do, in the way of Jewish mysticism: creating protections out of the verses of Psalms, activating the code and using kabbalistic materials. I blessed her and sent her on her way. Two weeks went by, SA called me and excitedly told me of the return of her husband, and that everything went back to normal.
During the course of our lives, and especially in times of stress and fear of losing the things we hold dear, the temptation to turn to mystics and make "shortcuts" to change the situation grows, but we must also think of the consequences.
This is the place to mention a quote from the bible: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" and all its reversals. It is strictly forbidden to practice the reversed torah (black magic – mysticism that coerces the human soul), and when I run across such phenomena, I see it as a mitzvah to dismantle, uproot and cancel the black energy that bends the will and honor of a man for someone else's benefit. This is where I intervene, with the permissions of the mystic ways given to me as a gift of knowledge.
Jewish mysticism – a vast pool of knowledge of creation as well as destruction, connecting and disconnecting forces, strengthening love and matrimonial reconciliation, returning love and other wishes of the heart, can only be performed if the permissions are checked beforehand.
“Taste and see that G-d is good"