Returning and Strengthening love

Dana (not her real name): "the relations between me and my husband's family are much stressed, and I fear they might bring to our divorce. I worry that they will succeed at this and feel helpless. I tried convincing him to move to another city but he resisted sharply. I ask for your advice"

Doron's reply: I looked into the names and dates you attached, and there is a need to be wary of the fourth name on the list. This is a hateful figure who wishes you gone from your husband's life. I received messages about a big fight between you and her about a year ago (on the eve of last Passover). She was the one who caused it, because of her fear of you revealing a secret she shared with you. Her hate is driven by her fears. She is the one who created the rift between you and the rest of your husband's family, and as long as you continue being the keeper of her secret, it will get worse. You must share the secret with your husband and explain that you did not want to tell him, for fear or hurting his brother. I do not see a divorce in your future, but there will be a difficult period, especially towards the approaching holiday. It is time to release the secret.
Shany (not her real name): "I am twenty six years old. I have been dating my boyfriend for four years now, and we love each other very much, but there is a problem in our relationship that I do not understand. Every time I ask about a wedding he becomes cold and we begin to fight. I wish to know if anything can be done about this…"

Doron's reply: Dear Shany, is a request for a spell implied by your question? After checking all the connections, through the names and dates you gave me, I see a match between you and permissions exist to increase the love for purposes of establishing a family. There is a disruption related to your boyfriend's past, however. His ex-girlfriend created a very strong knot around him, in a way that prevents him from moving on and starting a family. The magical knot cast on your boyfriend is based on revenge. There is a guiding hand directing your boyfriend to be released from those inhibitions, and there is a need to help him with this. You should turn to a Rabbi in your area and explain my answer to him, and with g-d's help, we shall hear good news this year.