What is matching couples through the Kabbalah?

Today of all times, when couples meet, learn each other's personality traits and get married using the internet, more and more people are interested in finding a matching partner using various mystical elements.
What is a match?
Matching has different aspects: psychological, sexual or behavioral aspects relate to various sides of the partners' lives. As a rule, the more aspects of life match, the better the chances of the relationship to succeed.
Matching couples using mysticism
As above mentioned, one can search for his/her match not only through internet calculators, but also through mystical elements. In some cases, a couple is in love, but a barrier between the partners is present, due to a mismatch in a single aspect. In such cases, the couple can seek ask a mystic or Kabbalah expert to help release that barrier in order to achieve the best possible match.
Single people who have long despaired from searching for their life partner often decide to turn to a Kabbalah expert and ask for a "recipe" of the best partner for them, the aspect of his/her life and the traits of his/her personality.
Matching and the Kabbalah
One of the mystical theories used to achieve matching is the Jewish Kabbalah. There are many Kabbalah experts offering services of diagnosing and finding a match using the Kabbalah. The diagnostics are performed by looking into the partners' names, checking their dates of birth, examining the different letters of their names, their order and the secrets hidden behind the letters and more.
So if you are single and desperate and wish to know the person that suites you best, or a couple in love who wants to know now if there is a wedding and much love in their future, and if you believe in mysticism and higher worlds, you can turn to Kabbalah experts who will help you examine the matches between partners or find the optimal partner for you, using the Kabbalah and its' secrets.