The Secrets of a Good Life

Judith asks: "I read your article about the code and wanted to ask about the possibilities of using the code for my daughter's relationship. My daughter is twenty five and she is a very beautiful girl, but she cannot find a relationship that would be suitable for marriage. She wouldn't even hear of rabbis and charms. Is it possible to help her without her being an active participant in the process, and will this take more than one meeting?"

Doron's reply: It is preferable for your daughter to take part in the process, but if you wish it, there is a permission which I examine during the meeting that allows me to do things without her participation. The kabbalistic code for magnetizing love is ancient knowledge, and a check for permissions must be made. It is not about charms but the treasures of personal knowledge. The code is used to release inhibitions and increase luck in all fields of life. I choose to answer your question through the story of DM from the central area of Israel:
DM's story: "The frustration from the pressure and questions of why is my daughter not getting married from my family and friends gradually increased, until I felt utterly desperate. I tried all possible ways to help her meet her destined one, but it felt like her luck was blocked. She would go out at my encouragement and signed up for all sorts of dating sites and even a matchmaking office, but nothing helped, until I came to Doron. I had heard of Doron from a relative of mine, who recommended trying the ways of the Kabbalah, and told me how Doron prevented a divorce and saved her marriage. I decided to try, and was very skeptical, but told myself I must try for my daughter. At the meeting with Doron was very relaxed, and immediately felt that the man in front of me will help me. He examined by request and explained the process. He also clarified that he does not guarantee a result and received my agreement to the process of the code. Doron looked at some books that were lying in front of him and guided me in several mystical kabbalistic actions that he said I must perform. Nine months later my daughter got married."
The story of DM, like many others can be your story and you can keep it to yourself rather than share it. If you want a happy relationship for your daughter, it can be done, but permissions must be checked.
Just one meeting can change your daughter's luck completely.

Doron Armoza – Kabbalah expert, medium and spiritual consultant