The Secrets of a Good Life

Dalia (not her real name): "I am a mother to a twenty seven year old girl who has not yet gotten married. In the not so distant past she was in a relationship with a guy who lived up north. We were very confident about this relationship and we thought they would get married, but suddenly the guy started behaving strangely and after a few days, he disappeared. It hurts us very much as parents to see our daughter's heartache, and we wanted to receive your opinion on the matter because we heard you deal with matters of matching and returning love through practical Kabbalah."
Doron's reply: Matching couples (magnetizing the partner) and/or returning love between people is something that can only be done when the permissions have been checked. Practical Kabbalah gives the knowledge, but it is forbidden to use that knowledge without restraint and care. I checked the names and details you had attached and my answer is: let time do its job. Release that man from your memory, for he simply turned to a different path that does not match the path of you daughter, and I shall add, it is good that he did so. I recommend to perform an increasing of luck and to open a gate in the relationship aspect of your daughter's life. I would be happy to hear good news from you in the future. Good luck!
May (not her real name): I spoke to you on the radio two years ago on the expert line about my husband who had wanted to divorce me at the time, and you told me it was not going to happen, and that you do not see bad things like adultery in his deeds; you suggested that I speak to a rabbi to seek matrimonial reconciliation. I am glad to say you were right in everything you said. However, recently, the arguments have been worsening once again and he is talking about divorce once more. I do not understand why this is happening and where all this anger is coming from. I ask for your advice as a Kabbalah expert.
Doron's reply: Dear May, I checked your personal files based on the details you gave me, and found that there will be no divorce for a very simple reason: the match between you is perfect. The writings and messages point towards matrimonial reconciliation. The root of your problems is a woman who used to (and still is) speak badly of you and your children (you know of whom I speak). There is a very strong effect from the curses, she wishes to harm you. I recommend performing a ritual to release curses and turn to a rabbi for suitable protection. I give you my blessing for the blessed match you and your husband have. There is no need to return the love between you, because it was never gone. G-d bless you!
Shmuel (not his real name): I am a very lonely man, and I seek to find my match and peace of mind. Over the years I have known a number of women, but the relationships were very short. Can you help me?
Doron's reply: Since you did not attach any further details, I cannot see your "personal file". However, the answer to your question is most certainly yes, but the permissions must first be examined. With g-d's help, we shall find a solution and a match for you through the Kabbalah.
“Taste and see that G-d is good"