The secrets of mysticism

Mysticism has become a dominant part of the new age world, but it is in fact an ancient term. Mysticism has existed since the dawn of time. Human culture has always loved seeking what is beyond the apparently seen. Mysticism is the opposite of science. It is the search for the spiritual and hidden, that which cannot be touched, seen or heard. Mysticism is a whole world of elements mediating between the material world and the hidden spiritual world.
Humans are curious beings by nature and they have always been looking for the unnatural and hidden. For this reason, different cultures have developed various mystical theories, which all have a common denominator: the hidden and the spiritual. Thus, for example, in ancient times, mysticism was comprised of various spells and witchcraft, while Jewish mysticism's source lies in the Kabbalah, as well as other mystical theories authored by Jews who had connected Judaism to mysticism, and in the Muslim faith mystical elements show up in Sufism.
Mysticism aspires to bring man into the world of the ethereal and connect him to the hidden ethereal entity.
Today, in the modern age, the interest in mysticism is peaking once again, and many seek various mystical theories as part of their journey of self awareness and self discovery. In this secular age, many feel the emptiness and loss of the way in the material world and seek to fill the void with mystical information hidden in the higher worlds above.
There is an abundance of websites that contain information on mystics and their services. Some represent mystical organizations that wish to spread their beliefs and so on and so forth.
We do not intend to survey all the mystical beliefs common in Israel today, but it can be said that all those who believe in mysticism and the occult can gain power from various places, and first of them is the Kabbalah and the book of Zohar, which belong to Jewish mysticism.
So if you are a mystic in your soul, and you want to know yourselves better and empower yourselves using mysticism, a whole scale of mystical theories lies at your feet. They are gaining much popularity and quickly becoming more and more common, such as various types of alternative medicine originating in eastern mysticism, and of course the weekly horoscope which has become a part of every newspaper and magazine.