What is practical Kabbalah?

By: Doron Armoza, Kabbalah expert, medium and spiritual consultant


Occultism – practical Kabbalah, bringing the Zohar into our world and its application in our everyday lives, knowing and using the 72 names of the Lord, using magic through prayers, spells and holy names, knowing the seven angels and the use of kabbalistic materials from plants and animals, as well as accurate knowledge passed down from father to son on how to set the forces of the Zohar in motion and change the future. These are the magical powers hidden in the kabbalistic code.


The use of the knowledge of practical Kabbalah must be pure, and the permissions must be checked. The permission checks whether the deed of setting things in motion, be it rekindling the love between partners who have not yet met each other, or banishing the hatred between people and enlightening their souls with the lights of the Zohar to magnetize and pull the man's desire to him, or opening gates into locked rooms blocked by evil spirits and removing them, shall somehow disturb the balance.


The magical forces and treasures of the code hidden in the knowledge of letter combinations and reversals allow us to find an answer for anything in life. The changes can only be for a positive purpose and never for revenge.


The way to fulfill the wishes of our hearts begins with checking the permissions that lie in messages and spiritual channeling, as well as texts. The asker will be asked to do his or her part, in prayer and/or other mystical actions such as reading or using kabbalistic materials in order to fulfill the request. Setting the powers of the code in motion is done by the most powerful spells, prayers and abilities in the universe. This is sometimes performed by an enormous spiritual force found in the connections of ancient writings, the writings of angels and in connecting to higher powers by ascension.


Sadly, recently practical Kabbalah received a negative exposure. We witnessed an ancient kabbalistic ritual of exorcism performed by a kabalist rabbi. The exorcism was performed using prayers and shofars in front of a large audience and was recorded and broadcasted on television. The ritual failed. Could it be that had the ritual been performed behind closed doors, and had there been no arrogance around the ritual, had the kabalist not aimed to impress the audience so much, the ritual would have been a success? The answer is definitely yes!


Practical Kabbalah is the key to solve all problems in life, and one must not flaunt it and attribute those successes and powers to ourselves, for we will be bragging at higher powers. The success of opening a door that had not been open before by using practical Kabbalah, does come from our own hands, but let us not forget that everything is bound by the time of will.

“Taste and see that G-d is good"