By Doron Armoza

Mysticism is the theory of the occult and the wisdom of the knowledge of the kabbalistic code.
I was given a great gift of knowledge to be used to benefit other people, and use mysticism for various needs such as increasing people's luck. The knowledge is used for releasing blockages that stand in our paths. Usually we ourselves create these inhibitions by thoughts or deeds, out of free will. Jewish mysticism gives us the option to release ourselves from mundane as well as magical inhibitions, caused by evil doers such as curses spells and the evil eye.

Years ago an orthodox Jew came to my house. He had been directed to me by his family regarding the subject of matrimonial reconciliation. He relayed his troubles to me and asked for my help. He mentioned trying the conventional and unconventional ways but none were helpful. The Jew added and said that he thought "it was all nonsense" and told me what he was asked to do: he had taken a needle, spun some of his wife's hairs around it and stuck the needle in the earth, as directed by a well known rabbi. The result of this act was according to him: "One big nothing".

When we are directed to perform a certain mystical action, be it the use of some material (incense, stones, and oils) but not the other mystical part, we cannot expect the occult forces to move just from that. The use of materials without the codes power shall indeed result in "one big nothing".
In order to create life with a certain act, to open and channel a path to the desired location through Jewish mysticism, some elements must not be skipped. First of all, an examination of the permissions to perform the act, the purity and ascension abilities of the performer, perfect knowledge of the formulas and unquestioning faith on the asker's part. And of course, the process is bound by the "time of will".

The democracy of our everyday lives gives us the option to choose the path we wish to walk, and that is where we are guided. I constantly explain that the result we wish for can only be approved by the Lord. This is why both the asker's and the messenger's faith must be complete.
Removal of curses, spells and the evil eye, matching souls, returning love through practical Kabbalah, the knowledge of which I received as a gift from above.